Inspiring Sports and Exercise Podiatrists

Develop an outstanding career in sports and exercise podiatry


In a single word, this is what podiatrists are passionate about.

Helping people to move, for casual exercise through to elite level sport, podiatrists are driven by a passion to help people overcome foot and ankle conditions and get back to doing what they love.

SEPA aims to inspire a community of podiatrists in advancing their careers, nurture a vibrant sports and exercise medicine industry and, through innovative research, collectively find new ways to diagnose, treat and manage foot and ankle conditions for pain-free movement and optimum performance in their chosen activity.

Podiatrists who practice in sports and exercise, whether they are just graduating from university or they have decades of clinical and research experience, their aim is the same, they want to achieve excellence.

SEPA exists to help you achieve excellence at every stage of your career.


At the present time, SEPA memberships are processed through the APODA website. You will be directed to the APODA site to complete your SEPA membership signup.