Leadership Team

Thomas Do Canto

Position: State Director (NSW & ACT)
Company: Walker Street Sports Podiatry
Education: B. Exercise Science. Australian Catholic University 2007, B. Podiatry. University of Newcastle 2011
Memberships: APodA, SEPA, SMA
I was fortunate to be exposed to the profession in my late teens when referred to a Sports Podiatrist for a running related injury. This positive experience gave me the impetus to pursue a career in Sports Podiatry. Knowing the type of Podiatry case load I wanted enabled me to seek the appropriate post graduate training and professional development to get me to a point where I could confidently treat sports injury and build a business around it.
A collection of experiences stand out rather than a single moment. Mostly, it’s the people that voice their appreciation for what we do that keeps me motivated and enjoying the profession. This can be patients, but also other health professionals that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with to achieve the best possible outcomes. The one thing I certainly know is that there is always more to learn and means to develop as a Podiatrist.
Joining SEPA (formerly AAPSM) as a Podiatry student wasn’t even a decision to make, as soon as I found there was a body that represented Sports Podiatry, I wanted to be a part of that. Since joining, I’ve used the many CPD events offered over the years to develop my clinical skills, as well as network and help grow my business. One of the more exciting developments since first joining, is the formation of a career pathway in Sports Podiatry.

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