Leadership Team

Mike Curtin

Position: Regional and Mentoring Officer
Company: Central West Foot and Ankle Clinic
Education: Bachelor of Applied Science (Podiatric Medicine), University of Western Sydney (Now WSU) 2003-2006. Bachelor Education (Human Movement and Health Education), University of Sydney 1996-1999
Memberships: SEPA. APodA, SMA.
Starting my career as a secondary teacher and then branching into professional sports coaching, I was often dealing with sports related injuries of the lower limb. My Sport, Rowing, is primarily a leg sport with power applied through the feet. This led to an interest in foot mechanics and the transfer of power through the oar, body legs and feet. Naturally this led to an interest in musculoskeletal podiatry and the interest between the ground forces provided by the boat and the feet when in movement.
I’ve been very fortunate and privileged to work with many athletes across the years. A highlight was being invited to work with the Australian Women’s Rowing VIII who were trying to qualify for the London Olympics in 2012. Using knowledge of foot function, and adjusting sitting leg length preferences in the boat as well as early engagement of windlass, we were able to improve their connection and power outputs, using our podiatric skills to help them gain qualification for the London Games.
SEPA is the national body that represents podiatrists who have an interest in exercise, human movement and sports. It has provided me with continuing education and connection with a dynamic and energetic group of like minded people who are passionate about the important part that podiatrists can play in the treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries

At the present time, SEPA memberships are processed through the APODA website. You will be directed to the APODA site to complete your SEPA membership signup.