Leadership Team

Dr Sarah Carter (PhD)

Position: State Director (WA)
Company: Peak Podiatry, Shenton Park, WA
Education: BPodM (UWA) 2009, MSc in Motion Analysis, PhD in Dance Biomechanics (ECU/UWA)
Memberships: APodA, Australian Society For Performing Arts Healthcare
My mum recommended I should apply for podiatry and I haven’t looked back. It was my enjoyment in treating and managing ballet dancers led me to apply for a Masters in Scotland, where I conducted research on Highland dancing using motion capture. Following this, my drive to learn more propelled me to do a PhD on Dance Biomechanics. The PhD has opened so many doors, and has given me many opportunities to present around the world, but also enabled me to make connections within the sports and exercise community, which has been further strengthen by my involvement with SEPA.
I had a ballet dancer referred to me with Ehlers Danlos syndrome. She started as an adult and was finding it difficult to stay en pointe because of the instability of her forefoot joints. After making an otoform for her pointe shoes, her face lit up, and was ecstatic about how much her alignment improved and that her hallux wasn’t abducting in the shoe anymore. These moments are what motivates me, enabling people to do what they love.
I joined SEPA as I want to provide podiatrists the opportunity to expand their knowledge of evidence-based medicine in sports and exercise, particularly in Western Australia. There is some fantastic research being conducted in the state and in Australia, and I want to provide the clinicians the opportunity to learn and connect with these people. SEPA gives clinicians the pathway to becoming a high-performing podiatrist in their field of choice.

At the present time, SEPA memberships are processed through the APODA website. You will be directed to the APODA site to complete your SEPA membership signup.